​​​​Buck Seventy-Two, a Destiny of Will, is an astonishingly honest memoir, recapping the journey of a young boy who grew up too fast.  It all started in Enfield, North Carolina, and while it's a tiny blimp on the map, for a young Larry Perkins, it was his whole world. 

Early on, his mother abandoned him and left to New York City to chase her dreams.  Larry spent the first 9 years of his life bouncing from family member to family member before landing in his father and stepmother’s home.  His father soon enslaved him, forcing him to work his life away on his father's farm. The rules and demands of sharecropping life left little time for play, and work quickly overshadowed school.

There, he struggled with thoughts on how to address this man, fearing getting too close, with only remnants of a parent in his life before. He became a slave to his father and hopelessly plagued by the diminished power of his own will.  He finds comfort and hope in sporadic letters from his mother and occasional relief is in the appreciation bestowed upon him from his stepmother and the accolades received from other sharecroppers for his hard work.

Riveting tales of his father’s shooting, his mother trapped in an inferno and his own near death experience as a young boy, his depictions will bring you face-to-face with the pain of his life. His secret goals are firmly etched in his mind, over the course of years, his determination and persistence kept him moving forward. A decision to leave to find his mother offers more surprises. After forging a career, he is still haunted from within.

What if I told you that almost every person that has created his or her own success has been through extreme hardship and adversity.  When a person is faced with adversity, they have a choice: they can break under the pressure or they can temper the flame and come out strong as steel. 

Temper the Flame

Buck Seventy Two

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