My new book in this series, Buck Seventy-Two, A Destiny of Will, is more than a book about struggles, perseverance, beating the odds on the road to success; it's also a book about devotion, being guided by core principles, love and honor. Life Choices is a book about changing from within. We all know that we have choices in life. How we decide which choices to accept and to live by is another matter. After writing Life Choices, I was inspired to base some of my keynote speeches on the topic of transformational change. I believe we are all where we want to be in life, and if we are not, then we need to find the power to change.

The NCAA head basketball coach at Duke University, Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K), touts in his book, Leading with the Heart, “No EXCUSES,” as his outlook on life and in business. Do I believe that some people have had hardships in life? Absolutely. Do I believe it’s tough for them? No question. Do I believe we can be successful in spite of these obstacles? I am certain and I am proof. “Choose to conquer.” Nothing happens until we begin to believe in ourselves! Football coach, Lou Holtz, states that people often talk about having dreams, which is great, but dreams are just dreams without action. Nothing happens until we close our mouths and put our minds to work. We must heal and forgive, and stop looking for answers outside of ourselves.

This “LIFE CHOICES” book is an inspiriting, motivational, includes exercises that help you focus from within, to reveal who you are and why you are driven to do certain things you do or why you harbor certain feelings. Life Choices uses simple tools and the acronym C.H.O.I.C.E.S to drive these powerful and revealing message home.


     C - Character and Creed (Who You Are)

     H - Heroes, Honesty and Healing

     O - Obligations and Obstacles (Commitments)

      I - Image (Internal and External

     C - Caring and Carelessness

     E - Embracing and Empowering (Your Mind)

     S - Starting, Stopping and Satisfaction (Breaking the Cycle)

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